The Doctors Surgery.
Just over a month …

So this is my life now …
Four girls & one house named the Doctors Surgery.

-Moved in, had a leak. Leak fixed.
-Looked for job, found job.
-Freshers week, enjoyable until the night i attended the SU bar, Sparrows, in my work clothes otherwise known as ‘casual wear’ and look like a lesbian. Unattractive.
-First Psychology lectures, found friends & chatted about summer.
-First Sociology lectures, tried making friends for the second year again. Embarrassing. Lost Seminar room, found Asian bloke, made friend, swore a lot, scared Asian friend but found seminar room. Clouds & linings ay?
-House warming party equals EPIC. Cleaning spare room sheets after other peoples sex equals not so epic.

All in all i love this place :)

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